After many years of experiences, concerts and various projects, it is really time to record an album. For our debut record, we have chosen principal works of Czech music for wind quintet. Three pieces by Czech authors: the sextet “Youth” by Leoš Janáček and wind quintets by Josef Bohuslav Foerster and Pavel Haas.

All three pieces were created within the period of 20 years. They are all of different styles and the composers composed them in different life periods (as chance would have it, all of them had round anniversaries). Foerster was 50 and although he was 5 years younger than Janáček, his music seems to be older in style. Janáček composed his “Youth” in his nostalgic age of 70. The third piece was written by thirty-year-old Pavel Haas, who is trying to reconcile in it with the influence of his teacher (Janáček) and search his idiosyncratic style.

We are recording in the premises of the evangelical church in Korunní street in Prague. The recording process is under supervision of the sound engineer Jan Lžičař and director Jiří Gemrot. Thanks to their experience, these gentlemen are helping us immensely, being themselves real masters in their field.

To play Janáček`s sextet “Youth”, we decided to invite the bass clarinetist Jindra Pavliš, the member of PFK – Prague Philharmonia and the co-founder of our favourite musical ensemble Clarinet Factory.

Professor PhDr. Jaromír Havlík prepared the catchy text for our booklet. He is an outstanding teacher and musicologist. Pictures for our booklet will be taken by Tomáš Hejzlar in the premises of the alternative café Vnitroblock. Just you wait!

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